Co-Co Coir Brick

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100% Peat free coir brick which expands to approximatley 9 litres of of fibre once soaked.

Perfect for creating structure in your soil. With just a few litres of water, this Co-co Coir Brick will expand to approx. 9 litres of Peat free Co-Co fibre.

Just soak it overnight, with lots of water, in a large container, and it is ready for use. We find it great (once soaked) for seeds and cuttings, but as it has no nutritional benefit for plants, we prefer to use it as a cornerstone for our own compost mixes, as it's highly absorbent and provides great structure to your soil. We like to use this in tandem with our organic plant food during the growing season to help my plants flourish.

Contains - One approx. 370g Co-Co coir brick.
Recyclable. To Use/Directions of use - Not for consumption.
Add a few litres of water and leave overnight.
Keep out of reach of children.